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Anyway to make my robot know where it is?

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I was wondering if anyone knows a way to make my robot orient itself around my apartment. I was thinking something like a couple of radio transmitters that send out a specific code that the robot can triangulate whit. My idéa was to have a yagi antenna mounted on a servo and find where the signal was strongest from each transmitter, then send this back from my robot to the computer that would compare the "data" whit a "map".
I have no difficulties programming a pic or the software on the computer but i dont know much about radio. I have sucsessfully made a seriall radio link whit my robot and computer using these 433Mhz modules that can be found everywhere. Could these be used to make "this" possible?

Please accept my poor english.


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A topic similiar to this is being explored on another message thread using ultrasonics to provide an x-y co-ordinate for a roving robot/maze mouse.

Why do you need an external reference of position?
Have you considered counting whole or partial wheel revolutions from a known starting position to deterime your location ?


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maybe u can use a gps module. u can receive gps data via rf. and u can know where ur robot is.


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Position Sensor Posibilities

I have looked into this in the past myself ... a lot is a question of money mostly.

To begin with you can use wheel encoders, cheap and easy to implement. They are not the best but they do work ... how do you think Roomba works.
There are various implementations of wheel encoders.

There are compasses
These are also excellent compass sensors

You can use a gps module as fg mentioned.

There are more ways than this but there are practical and not too expensive (excluding the gps).

Good luck, 8)
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