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Anyone know what this connection cover is called?

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I need a few of these. It says "AMP" on it, no numbers or any other marking. It was used to cover the connection between 2 non insulated single wire spade connections (male to female). It's 1.5 inches long, and when closed maybe .5 inches in diameter; white and plastic (or nylon or similar material).

Anyone know? I've been googling for hours and can't locate it.

Thank you.


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"Insulating Sleeve Natural Faston"

These, in other words: https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/crimp-terminal-covers/7188198/

AMP is now part of TE Connectivity, but the data sheet for those dates from 1970 and shows that exact thing with the AMP logo..

RS seems to be the only place that has them in stock. Mouser & Digikey etc. list them but zero available.
Thank you very much. I'm trying to track a few down, and was stuck identifying the part. I've since found out finding an avaialble one is going to be difficult, but I've got a bunch of inquiries out thanks to your help. I really appreciate it.
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Thank you Robert - "rjenkinsgb" - for helping me.

Not only did he quickly identify the part after I posted my initial inquiry on this board, he went out of his way to order these parts for me, repack them and ship them to me from the UK, as no US suppliers had them. I'm restoring a car and needed these OEM parts as the car is being prepared for official concourse judging, and this piece is just the sort of thing the judges look for in terms of originality.

Robert you are a man of your word, a class act who is faithful and honest and walks with integrity - I can't thank you enough. I was a complete stranger and you helped me without asking for anything in return - you make this world better for everyone.

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