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Any thoughts? replacing a potentiometer.

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I am trying to replace a joystick pot with something that could be activated
using a reed switch. I am thinking along the lines of the switch open/closed
(number over time) = pot movement. So I suppose a counter (ic 555?)going to a digital pot but I am too inexperienced (dim) to work it out. Any
help, ideas link etc gratefully rece :? ived.


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How about using the MOSFET transistor :shock: as a switch? :roll: You would be able to accomplish what you need.....

Good Luck


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More info wanted

What is across the pot? is it a DC voltage, audio, etc.? Is it floating or refrenced to ground? Is it working as a potentiometer or just a variable resistor? Is it tiny current or lots of Watts?
Is the reed switch significant - voltage isolation or something?
What is the new control source - a pot to set the 555 frequency (full circle)?
How complex can the answer get before it's useless - could an opto coupler serve instead of the reed switch?


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The exact numbers you ask about I do not have to hand as I write but I can get them.
In essence I am trying to replace the forward reverse pot in a joystick 100k (5v) with a forward reverse motion of a wheel. This is why I thought of a reed switch and magnets and a circuit I saw using a 555 and 740 chips. Sadly it was not that simple, especially with my infants understanding of electronics. If this is still not clear just drop me a line.


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A MOSFET transistor? I will look this up and probably come back to you with a lot of ???????.
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