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any project that uses flip-flops

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well my teacher want us to make a project any project using a flip-flop. Hard project huh. well can i ask for your help pls.


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You can make Winking Eyes using J-K master slave flip flop. Connect Q output of Flip-Flop to one LED and Q\ to other LED. Tie J and K inputs to Vcc. Apply slow clock (around 1Hz) to clock pin. This will make LEds to go on and off alternately. Very simple thing. :)

Or you can make ring counter using several Flip-Flops. If LEDs are connected to output of each Flip-flop, and initially the counter is loaded with 0001, then the circuit will make the LED run in a sequential order on each clock pulse. Simple circuit.

Or you can make a touch switch using T Flip-Flop which will turn the connected load ON/OFF on touching the touch plate. A bit complex circuit.


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ii have made one

well my second year final project was about 0-99 counter made with flip-flop.unfortunately i erased mine from my hdd. ihad the schema drawn but this link should help u too ithink.!we made it with 2 7447chip and 2 7490 chip.


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flip-flop project

I had to do a uni assignment with flip-flops.
We had to make 4 flip-flops count in a predetermined sequence (our student number) i.e 04518369 then repeat.

Its an interesting project because it demonstrates the use of karnaugh maps and circuit simplification.
I would be happy to post my solution to this simple project.


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An old favourite still in use...Electronic Dice



Tansis - just a bit of nit-picking - your diagram of the 555 doesn't show power supply or reset connections ( pins 1,4,8 ). I know it is usually omitted from logic gates, but for other ICs it is normally shown. And regarding the 'roll' switch - whilst it does work this way, wouldn't it be more conventional to put an NO switch between supply and pin 4?
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