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Anti aliasing and low pass filter

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Hello people! I want to control dc-dc converter using digital controller.I want to give sensed output voltage to ADC. The output voltage(dc) will have ripples and many other harmonic components. My microprocessor is TMS320F28377S( 200MHz and ADC is 12 bit). I have some doubts.
  1. What should be my sampling frequency?
  2. Hhow should I design a low pass (to measure only dc component) and an antialiasing filter all in one?
Thank you in advance.


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Imagine your dc-dc converter is running. It is supplying its rated current to a load at V1. At time =0, you ask the control system to step the output of the dc-dc converter to a new voltage V2? How long are you willing to wait for Vout to settle within a few percent of V2, especially when V1 is near zero output, and Vt is near full output.

All of your rate questions are dependent on your answer...
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