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Another request for help.

Discussion in 'Robotics & Mechatronics' started by Haziq Najee, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. Haziq Najee

    Haziq Najee New Member

    May 30, 2014
    I would like to build a robot from ground up. What programming language should I use?

    Would assembly language be the best language to use?

    If so, could anyone suggest the best assembler and loader to use with the assembly language that they proposed?

    Thank you. Your suggestion would be of great help to me and hopefully, to somebody else in the future.
  2. ClydeCrashKop

    ClydeCrashKop Well-Known Member

    Apr 28, 2005
    What do you want your robot to do?
    I would use a programming language that you are already used to.
    What micro controllers have you used?
  3. Haziq Najee

    Haziq Najee New Member

    May 30, 2014
    What I want my robot to do is very simple.

    1) MOVE to a preprogrammed dry location which is reprogrammable if the rainfall reach a certain amount.
    2) While moving to the preprogrammed dry location, STOP for 10 seconds when there is an obstacle in front.
    3) If the obstacle does not move within that 10 seconds, GO AROUND the obstacle.
    4) If the obstacle moves within 10 seconds, STOP for another 10 seconds.
    5) If the robot had STOP an accumulative of 1 1/2 minute then, the robot will politely SAY, "Please give way for this robot to move".
    6) Then, the robot will STOP for another 10 seconds.
    7) If the obstacle does not move the robot will repeat step 3 until it reaches the preprogrammed dry location.
    8) SEARCH for another location if the preprogrammed dry location is wet or occupied.
    9) SEARCH for a location with a designated amount of clearing.
    10) CHECK if any obstacle is moving within found location.
    11) If no obstacle or one obstacle is not moving within the found location, SET found location as dry location.
    12) MOVE to new dry location using step 2 to step 7 then, CHECK if the set location is dry.
    13) If set location is dry, STOP. Then, CHECK surrounding continuously.
    14) Repeat step 8 to step 13 if there is no obstacle within a certain range of the robot. STOP if one obstacle is stationary within a certain range of the robot.
    11) MOVE to a preprogrammed drying location if the rainfall reach a certain amount and the temperature reach a certain amount. Continue to step 1.

    Would this be a complete and correct process?

    How do I build a diagram and pseudo-code for this process?

    I'm planning to use microcontrollers from Microchip. I wish to integrate GPS, humidity and other sensors into the system.

    Can you suggest to me a simple programming language?

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