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Analogue Circuit Simulator

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Can anyone recommend a good free analogue circuit simulator that shows all the standard outputs such as time sweep, distortion, frequency response, possibly thermals (but not essential) etc?

I am really only interested in transistors, op amps and passives for audio simulation. Nothing digital, nothing switched mode

If it was free (without any trial period) this would be great.

Your thoughts are appreciated



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Try LTSpice from Linear Technology. It's one of the better free Spice simulators available.


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I also recommend LTSpice.
Unless you need MonteCarlo analysis, temperature/voltage nested iterations, this is more than plenty.

Don't get me wrong, this simulator is very powerful; it is also rock solid, does not seem to have convergence issues that plague other simulators.
Another plus, is that switchmode power supplies, which are notoriously difficult, simulate quite well. At least the devices in LT's line does.
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