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Analog Voltage ADC Vs Current loop receiver

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At one place i have 0-10v ADC converter and other place I have 4-20mA, For knowledge terms as well as for building Industrial based project which one is much more effective to use? As 4-20mA is very old and effective concept for reading the signal at long distance but 0-10V ADC is has high communication rate but still confused which on is most effective and long lasting
Your Expertise advice will be helpful?
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The 4-20 mA standard is so ubiquitous and has stood the test of time so well for a simple reason: it does its intended job very, very well.

Plus there are literally hundreds of compatible transmitters and receivers.


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So that means i can use any one of them for far distance ??
Well what do you need more? Distance (more noise immunity and no voltage drop over long cables) or high speed? Because at some point (long enough distance or high enough speed), one becomes better than the other. It's a trade off.

0-10V is also simpler in theory with potentially lower power consumption. But current loop can let you do funny things like feeding power over the same cables that send the signal (as long as the device uses less than 4mA to power itself) which means less wires which is always good but particularly good for long distance.
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The 4-20mA current-loop inherently suppresses any common-mode noise, which is common in an industrial environment.
To use the ADC over any significant distance would require sending the signal differentially and using a differential amp, such as an instrumentation amp at the receiving end, to suppress this noise.


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Nothing is wrong with an ADC receiver. At the receiver (PLC), you have a resistor that converts the current to a voltage. There is nothing wrong with that.

What you don't want to do is transmit analog voltages long distances.


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in a current loop, all the devices are in series, so the current through them is the same, even with long runs of cable.

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