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Analog to Digital, TLC548

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I have recently started trying to use the TLC548 for A/D conversion. I pulled it out of a kit I picked up very cheap, I didn't want the rest of it.
Now I am very new to this and it is becoming very clear to me that I know nothing.
So in short, I have got to the point where I have a breadboard with my TLC on it and a number of wires. I have got all the information I can off the internet and tried the examples in a book titled 'Easy PC Interfacing' (which shows serial connections using parallel) . Still I look at it what think what the [fill in with expletive of your choice] am I supposed to be doing here. What I would appreciate is if someone could just let me know as simply as possible which pins from the TLC I need to connect to which pins on a) a 9 pin serial lead and b) a 25 pin parallel lead.
If I can just believe that I have this right I could at least move on a little in my life.

I do hope someone out there will take pity on me.
Not open for further replies.

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