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I am an AMD man myself i dont know why but i just am. Place a vote if your an AMD or Pentium Person and maybe why

im just doing this out of pure intreast.....



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AMD here too :D
But be sure you have sufficient ventilation and enough fans to keep it cool. I've heard it gets more hot than pentium. :wink:


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What's in a name ?

I have an old laptop computer with a 20MHz '486 running Win 3.1
I have a new laptop computer with a fan-cooled 1GHz pentium running Win ME

They both do things at about the same speed (boot up, spell-check in M$Word etc) so what's the difference ?
It seems to me that there is a battle going on with processor manufacturers trying to keep up with Micro$oft's endeavours to sqander that power on trivial animated paperclips :!:

As far as computers are concerned I believe if you can tell what processor is running there must be *BIG* problems with the OS - Long live Apple !


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Pentium IV 2.4 GHz and
Pentium III 800 MHz copper mine

difference? what difference? I don't see any difference!

Fan on the front, fan on the processor, and fan on the back - cool is good.


Well run a home network here, server is an AMDK6/450....

pc1 is AMD700
pc2 is AMD850
pc3 and pc4 are AMD1800

I think it says it all.... 8)


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AMD all the way!

Currently running Athlon XP 2800, 1GB RAM, 360GB HDD's - does pretty much everything, but mostly for programming and video editing.


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AMD x 3 ( and a P2 hidden away)

Part of the reason for the AMD is the overclocking ability - but this is about to disappear. See......


Oh well, It was good while it lasted.

Must admit that the AMD chip seems to be much better than the Intel offerings. Or is it just collusion between motherboard manufacturers and AMD?

Cop Killer

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:twisted: AMD all the way

I have a Thunderbird 1ghz and a mate with a P4 1.6 ghz and we tested his then mine with PCMark 03.
The p4 won but only just... If i bought a volcano 7 and overclocked it to about 1.3... even 1.2 I'd get a better score

Cheers The Saint

From your Local Cop Killer

PS: If anyone reads MAD mags, u will understand this picture
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