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alternative doorbell components

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G'day people. i need your smarts again. i have a circuit that needs a Synthesized sound chip from holtek, th HT-2811. i can't find this component in australia, or anywhere for a fact, i would prefer not to but overseas, this component makes the 'ding dong' chime is there an alternative component you may know of. please help me finish my project i need noise.

thankyou all in advance.


Don't know if you have a Radio Shack in your area:
They have a chime that sounds like a doorbell PN 273-071..


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hmmm, thats a good question:

Looking at the manufacturer website http://www.holtek.com.tw/english/contact/contact.htm

I see that the HT2811 IC has been discontinued. Thus Holtek doesn't have the datasheet on this IC any longer.

I see a similar product HT12M which is designed for a transmitter / receiver system. (LOL, I searched under customer service for "Ding Dong", doorbell didn't work for a search). I don't know if this is what you're after, but it is a start, nevertheless.

It looks like Holtek has a forum for application questions etc. I didn't want to register, so I didn't check this out. Maybe you want to?

Aside from the IC, it would be possible to create a ding dong sound using a timer and a couple of piezo buzzers, but that would involve some experimenting with different discrete components in order to create the sound that you're looking for.

Maybe someone has a datasheet or something. Sorry Im not much help here.
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