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Alps potentiometer for Casio privia px-110


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I am looking for a double potentiometer that failed on a Casio Privia PX-110. The markings show Alps UC 502b. I can't find the same part on the alps site. Size wize this one seems to be similar https://tech.alpsalpine.com/prod/e/html/potentiometer/rotarypotentiometers/rk09k/rk09k12c0a8p.html but I am not sure how to tell the rating off the old one to see if it matches. I have also seen some Chinese knock offs that seem similar but I want to be sure it will work. The casio part number seems to be 91087899223 but it is discontinued. How can I get the ratings for the 502b and find an equivalent replacement?



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The "502B" is likely the resistance; 5000 Ohms (5K) "B" which means linear rather than log (A)

A 5K linear dual gang of the same physical size & lead form should be OK.


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That's a rare pot, most dual gang pots are right-angle, not vertical like yours. If they are vertical, they rarely have two rows of three pins (like yours). Usually they have a single row of six pins or three pins on each side of the rotor.
Good luck. Are you completely sure it is faulty?

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