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I would like you all to make a note of some of these basic things. I have observed that many users use different names and spellings for components, list of which is given below. Please from future avoid using non-standard home-made jargons as it is very difficult to understand what component you are talking about.
The list....
Wrong Word - Corrected Word
1) Inducer - Inductor
2) Inducter - Inductor
3) Resister - Resistor
4) Condensator - Condenser
5) Capasitor - Capacitor
6) Microferads - Microfarads

These are a few of them and the list will be updated as and when new home-made jargons are found on the site.

I know this post is meant for feedback/comments forum but since this forum has maximum number of hits/day I have posted it here.
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