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address lines concept

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hi all,

i am doing one project on the MCF 5280 microprocessor..

if i want to interface any microprocessor to the memory....
address lines of the MCU are interfaced with the address lines of the memory being interfaced.
same with the data lines...

in this particular microprocessor.....one register IPSBAR is given..
it is said that its a base register and some offsets would be there for the defination of other registers with respect to this....
1) can you explain this line please..

2)...and secondly , if i want to write a specific byte on the the specificified memory address
then, how do i write the address lines usign IPSBAR and then the data.

i want to connect a 4MB flash with the MCF 5208...
a1 to a22 of MCU is going to a0 to a21 of the flash...

thanks in advamce
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