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Add UV Solar Sensor to pc logging software?

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Hi. I have a $600 weather station that logs and connects to my pc. I am using also an aftermarket software Weather Display with whom i have access to talk to the developer and add features etc if needed.

MY station doesnt have a solar uv meter on it and i would like to add it.
i have seen this on facebook

and wondered how i would go about connecting this to my pc so then the developer can use the date and add to the software.

Thanks for any assistance.


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Look for an I2C interface card for the PC.

I would be more likely to feed it to an Arduino, and let that transmit the data to the PC using the USB serial port emulator.


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Here's the datasheet. https://www.vishay.com/docs/84304/veml6075.pdf

I didn;t look at everything, but thiss https://www.adafruit.com/product/2264 could be a piece of the puzzle

Issue that I immediately see is logic level translation 5 V /3.3. I2C bus Speed (didn't look), USB powered (didn't look)

Both USB and I2C have bus limitations in terms of length.

Here's SOME information on I2C: http://www.esacademy.com/en/library...c-bus/frequently-asked-questions/i2c-faq.html

You will likely have to encapsulate it and any glass used could alter the response. Quartz might work. See: https://www.janis.com/products/AccessoriesandAncillaryEquipment/WindowTransmissionCurves.aspx

Not sure exactly what you trying to do. You might be better off using a solar cell of the same material and an appropriate filter. Where I did Solar cell measuremnst, we happened to have a bunch of 1 sqcm non-AR (anti-reflection coated) cells that we could use for calibration. A National laboratory measured our standards and we created more of them. When I test a-Si cells, I needed a cell with a filter.

The sun;s spectra is known as AM 1.5 Global.

So, this is info without trying to digest everything. It's areas that need to be looked at.
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