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AC generator-Inverter/charger compatibility

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Henry V

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Hello, can anyone possibly assist me in resolving a problem which I have with getting an AC generator and an Inverter/Charger ( manufactured by Heart ) to relate to each other.
The generator is a 6kw 230v diesel-driven unit running at a regulated speed of 1500rpm. The engine is a Lister-Alpha twin, and the alternator manufactured by Genko is direct-coupled. The problem I have, is that having started the generator and switched its output through to the charger ( for 12vdc battery charging ) initially the charger connects but immediately drops the connection, and will not remain engaged. The only way that I can get the two to link-up is to run a 230v 1kw fan-heater simultaneously. I understand that a compatability problem is the root cause ( my skill is as a mechanical engineer although I am pretty-well experienced with electrics but not electronic circuitry ).
The situation is somewhat crazy, since 1/6th of the generator's output is used to heat the surrounding countryside ( I live on a narrow boat and whilst the "free heat" might be welcome during the winter it isn't in the summer ).
I have spoken at length with both the generator and inverter mannufacturers to no avail, I even paid out £75 to have a different chip put into the inverter but it made no difference.
I would welcome anyone's suggestions, and no the inverter cost too much to replace and otherwise functions perfectly!


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we need to determine why the connection to the charger is "dropping".

Could you sketch a block diagram (and Post it here) to show how the various pieces interconnect? I'm confused as to where the charger, the batteries, the DC to AC inverter, and the heater is connected into the system.

Henry V

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Generator/Inverter compatibility problem

Hello MikeMl, thank you for responding to my forum question, and please accept my apologies for not getting back to you sooner,family commitments prevented me from doing so!.
I have included an attachment,( in JPG format ) which I hope you receive and can open. The 5A ring main either passes straight through the inv/chgr. from a split-bus in the consumer unit when either generator or shore supply is available, or is provided by the batteries via the inverter when mains is not available- I'm just including that bit of info. for clarification I don't think it is relevant.

I look forward to receiving your comments in due course.

Regards Henry V.


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