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AC conversion

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I have a GE AEM24DT Air conditioning unit which I use to cool a cheese aging room. To make the air conditioner run cooler, it is controlled by a coolbot, which was designed to do just that. I have the system set to keep the room at 52 Fahrenheit and it works great. (The coolbot is designed to keep a room as low as 34 F using only a air conditioner.) However, I would like the fan to shut off when the compressor in the air conditioner is off. I would like to cut down on the airflow in the cheese aging room. Anybody out there who could help me with this?
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The fan appears to be speed controlled via the 3 wires , BL,YW,BK.
You could use a 3 pole, mains coil relay to switch these 3 lines.
Connect the relay coil across the BL, YW wires connected to the compressor.

When the compressor is OFF the 3 pole relay contacts will be Open.

Choose a relay to suit your local mains voltage.



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