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A Question About Include Files from a Brain-Damaged Basic Programmer


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I'm venturing out from my beloved Swordfish Basic and programming ESP8266s and ESP32s using the Arduino IDE. I have a question about how Include files are handled.

With Swordfish, the first place an include file is looked for is in the project folder, then the "my libraries" folder and finally in the source library folder. The end result is that if you've customized an include file for a particular project, that file will only and always be used when that project is compiled.

If you make additions/changes to an include file and save it in "my libraries", that version will be used any time the include file is not found in the project directory. This means general modifications will always be used, and it will not be overwritten by any updates.

If you haven't made any modifications, the distribution include file will be used.

Particularly when working with LCD displays with the ESP8266 and ESP32, the LCD include files need to be customed depending on the exact driver chip used, the resolution and even the particular version of the display. I haven't found any similar hierarchical scheme using Arduino. Is there such a thing? If I'm coding different projects for different displays, I have to make the customizations whenever I switch between them.

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