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A glorius idea

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I have designed a very simple circuit with a LM555 and a remote control of my garage door. I use LM 555 to give a pulse for about 2 seconds and then stops ,this pulse is the power supply for my remote control! The input comes from my car lights!!!! So when i turn on my lights my garage door opens!!!!! Nothing difficult!!! It s only the idea!!!! If anybody wants a schematic please email me!

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dude! thats a quality idea!

im so gonna do that when im older! you could also have it connected to your radio or your horn! keep thinking like that dude. thats great innovation.


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Hi kourakos,

Not quite sure what you mean there ...
Does the remote operate every time you
turn on the car lights, just for two seconds?

So if you're outside your garage,
the door opens?

i think thats what you're saying.

sounds ok.

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