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93C42EB datasheet need...

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Renewing an old thread here;

Spec already posted a link above which is what you have.
Actual package marking can be confusing; Look at page 14 of the datasheet for the 8-lead PDIP package;

Spec already posted a link above which is what you have.
I am using MiniPro Programmer. Its not read the chip o the programmer, But its working in the hardware.

When the time of programing, its shows an error.

I dont understand "ATMLU934 2EB" so, what is the actual number of the Chip. I dont recoganise the chip number with the help of the datasheet. :(

What I do?

Regards Manoj


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OK, One more time;

Instead of attempting to explain the ATMEL's convoluted datasheet, the following is what you have;

Based on your posted picture, provided it is NOT a copycat, the main significant number here is the second row; 2 F B 1

It denotes an obsolete ATMEL two-wire, serial 512K EEprom. Part number AT24C512B.
It was originally designed to ONLY operate between 1.8~3.6V Vcc !
However, date code of (814) week 14/2008 or later added support for 5V operation.-- You have a 934 code which is fine with 5V. ...whew

I am not familiar with your programmer but AT24C512B algorithm must be supported for programming.
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waw............Its working. Its a AT24C512B.

This help is most valuable for me, This is really amazing. Thank you vtech.

Thank you so much.
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