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70" Vizio E700i-B3 Smart TV - Can screen be fixed?


New Member
I'm looking at buying a used TV online, and I've been browsing through the Facebook Marketplace. Someone is selling a 70" Vizio model E700i-B3 Smart TV for pretty cheap near me, and they claim the sounds works fine, but the screen appears as the picture (attached) shows. Before I spend the money, I want to know what it might be and whether the cost to fix it will be cheap enough to make buying the broken TV worth it.
Edit: I do intend to fix the TV myself to avoid unnecessary repair costs/fees.20190126_045756.jpg


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The screen is smashed, it's scrap.
Except the screen itself is not. He says the screen (the surface, at least) is perfectly fine. Says it was just leaned up against a dresser or something (perhaps while cleaning?) and I guess it was too much pressure, so it jacked up the screen.

Nigel Goodwin

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The thin outer layer of plastic has nothing to do with it, the screen is smashed - and from the picture there's a fairly obvious impact point at the bottom left corner - I would suggest the set has been dropped on that corner.

I spent over 46 years repairing TV's, including LCD in the later years - the screen is smashed, it's scrap.

The only value of the set is taking the PCB's out and selling them on Ebay - however, while you might think the boards are OK (because the screen is smashed) a common insurance fiddle is to drop the set (smashing the screen) and claim on your household insurance, when the set was faulty in the first place (a duff board?). So the boards aren't always OK from smashed sets.

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