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3.5 stereo jack to RCA cable

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Ive got a 3.5 stereo jack to RCA cable to connect my laptop audio to my LG 42LH300. i've tried it already and it works however the wire became detached from the center pin connection and im not sure as to how i can connect it toghether again.
I've attached a picture of the centre pole and its casing, also the wire (stripped) which was leading into the gap in the centre pole.

Any help on how to connect them back toghether working would be much appreciated.
Thank you


Dean Huster

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It's far easier to simply buy a new male RCA phono plug and solder it on the cable.


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If you want to try soldering it do this. You will need rosin flux, small diameter solder (small enough to go through the end hole of the RCA pin), and a low power soldering pencil.

Apply a small amount of rosin flux to the wire and stick the wire into the RCA pin.

Don't pull on the wire when you unplug the connector.

Place small length of the solder into the hole of the RCA pin.

Apply the hot soldering pencil tip to the side of the pin. When the solder melts feed a small amount more of the solder into the hole.

Remove the soldering iron and hold the assembly steady while the solder hardens.




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With monoprice, it might be cheaper just to buy a new cable. Especially if the connector source is Radio Shack.

For only $1.12 each when QTY 50+ purchased - PREMIUM 1.5FT 3.5mm Stereo Male to 2RCA Male 22AWG Cable - Gold Plated | 3.5mm/RCA Audio Cables
When RadioShack was still in Canada they sold a cheap Chinese audio cable for $10.00 that was exactly the same as the one at The Dollar Store for only $1.00.

RadioShack is gone from Canada because they ripped-off too many people.


If you had an electronics junk box, you wouldn't have had this problem. can you tell me that u or your friends never had a head phone that has gone bad? . well i am saying this because such minor thing will still hapen again, so i advice you stop destroying every spoiled gadget you have cos there might be somthing useful inside.
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