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2 way radios

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2 way radios have multiple channels how do i use 2 different channels @ once? Dose anyone know where i can get skematics for 2way radios.

planning on sending info over multiple channels to display info in a color at a position on a grid using time slicing sending info to its addressed location on the grid every click of the clock.
Dont want to purchase numerouse radios can i modify one for input on everyone of its channels
thanx for any info you can give me
Info is only going to be sent from one address to another if that address is prompted by the another address. This wil be done through a single frequency that is shared by all addresses. One frequency or set band width for incoming prompts from all other addresses. Making each address wait to enter a prompt for all other users who were there first but I can not get around the fact that all addresses sending this prompt will fight for the next location so if anyone knows any coding around that please let me know. I will most likely be using a couple of 56k modems simultaniously or use some sort of lan network card if anyone has any suggestions on this please get back to me thank you
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