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16f877 help with config word

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Hi, I am using fpp to program a 16f877 using the Trivial Low voltage programmer.

Does anyone know why I might be getting a "failure to write config" error message? This may seem like a basic question but I haven't seen any solutions to this. I can read and write fine, but it is always the config word that seems to mess up. I am just starting out programming the 16f877 so I am using HEX files from around the web to test but each of them seems to load in a different address for the config word. I believe the config word is 3FFF, can someone be able to "set" it in FPP or does one have to do it before assembling into hex? So far the addresses I've seen for the 16f877 are like 3F32 and others... I am so confused... Help please.

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