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16 Pin SIP IC ID Request

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Hi, Can anyone suggest what the 16 pin sip ic designated as RP1 on the circuit board of the attached photo could be? This is a board from a livestock fencer which puts out only a very weak spark. I replaced the oscillator semiconductors and no improvement has resulted. The large capacitor (rectangular gray unit on the right) only charges to approximately 120vdc before the scr trips. On a properly working unit it should charge up to approximately 275vdc. The resistance of both windings of the transformer in the center measure exactly the same as a known working unit and there is no visible sign of burning or overheating and no foul smell either. This transformer is the oscillator transformer. This fencer unit is powered by a 6v battery. Over the years I have successfully repaired several identical units but this one has me stumped.



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Check the silkscreen label for the resistor array at the top of the pic you attached and count the number of pins.

Sorry, I misread your post.
It looks like a resistor array.


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Agree with Mickster - looks like the silkscreen says RP1 (for resistor pack).
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