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12v ignition/constant on bussed panel?

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I am working on wiring up an automotive fuse panel to replace a cheaper one that was included on an engine Harness I bought.

I'm using a Bussman 15303-5 bussed panel, however, while taking the original fuse blocks apart, I noticed that 4 fuses were bussed together (Ignition Hot), and then there were 3 that were separately bussed (Constant hot).

I had thought about trying to use a relay to provide constant power to only those 3 circuits, but there is no load input side to the fuse panel because it is bussed.

How can I go about wiring this? I have been searching and stumped for about an hour now, and it's become mind numbing.

Thank you in advance!



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Don't you need to supply the relay? The ones for 'ignition hot' go to things that work only when the key is on, like, coil, fuel pump. The other ones go to stuff like the light switch and things you don't want to work only when the key is on.

Have you seen this - http://www.bodenzord.com/archives/597 There is at least 3 parts to that.
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