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12F629 power supply

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So i got my first programmer and chip in the mail today and im ready to get started. Ive decided after a week or two of racking my brains trying to learn some assembly, im going to start with BASIC. Im using microcode studio with PicBasicPro compiler.

My question is regarding the power supply in the actual circuit. Im planning to flash an LED (big surprise! :) ) for my first project.

Would it be completely wrong to just wire up a 9v battery to the chip? I have seen the schematic for a power supply, but dont have the necessary components just yet. Im really anxious, so im hoping it can do without it.

I do have a few 220uf caps and some .1 or 10uf (and maybe a 22) disc caps as well as an assortment of resistors. I also have a NTE491 MOSFET-N chan. enhancement as well as a NTE999 vltg regulator. I have no idea what the last two do actually, they were just left over from a project i built.

can i build anything with that?



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You can't power it from the 9V battery - well you could but only for about ½ a second until it burnt out. What you could do is power it from 3 AA batteries. Ideally you should get a 78L05 and associated caps and build a simple power supply. You could maybe use the programmers 5V supply.

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