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12 volts

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I have a computer display thats a 15 inch lcd display. It uses a 12 volt wall wort to get its power. Can I hook this display to a 12 volt car battery safely. Thanks.


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It will work. Place a amperemeter (10 ampere) between
your + of the battery and the + of your equipment.
I thought the formula was:

for example
Q=a battery of 44Ah
I=3 ampere for the equipment

44Ah/3A=14.6 hours of working


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Thanks so much. I,m not worried so much about how long it will last on the battery but if the battery would supply too much amperage for the display. Thanks again Greg


If the monitor (or any other load, for that matter), is functioning correctly, you cannot have "too much" amperage (current). The load will only draw as much current as it needs, despite the battery being able to supply more.

BTW, can someone translate "wall wort" to Australian English?? I think you mean a socket outlet, but I'm not sure... And is it 12V AC, or DC?

EDIT: I think I realise... a small DC plugin supply.


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Its the device that plugs into the outlet and usually brings the voltage down to a certain level. You know the little black wort like thing.


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I suggest a 12V zener voltage regulator should be put before the display because in case the battery is full charged the terminal voltage tend to go slightly beyond 12V which may damage your LCD circuitry if it is not protected already.
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