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  1. D

    KRK 10S Subwoofer keeps blowing fuses

    Hello all I recently got a KRK 10s that every time I plug in and turn on is blowing fuses. (got it for free knowing it does this). I am feeding it T1.6AL250V 5x20mm 1.6A 250V Slow Blow fuses so I'm pretty sure I have the correct fuse in there. I have a multimeter, know how to take readings, and...
  2. solaraxis

    250W KRK 10s Active Sub Monitor Unable to Power On despite Intact Fuses

    I'm a music maker and freshly budding circuit board enthusiast. I'm also extremely exhausted as I'm writing this so forgive the the short bits of info and any other thing that'll come off as lazy. I'll refine this and gloss over every detail to my current knowledge about my issue better when...

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