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  1. NameToRemember

    How can i control 3 seperate buttons using a wireless remote control?

    I want to be able to use a remote control key fob like this... (Click here to visit ebay link) to wirelessly control 3 buttons. I am a window cleaner using a water pump in my van to pump water to my water fed pole. To do this I'm using a speed controller which can raise the pressure of the...
  2. E

    Speed Signal Booster - low pulse to high

    Hi I need help to boost low pulse to high. I have a sensor which detects no of pulses per second. For some vehicle it couldn't detect it is a low pulse signal. Please suggest some circuite which can boost the signal.
  3. J

    Linear Actuator PWM control for TV open and close

    Hello, I have already completed a project that uses relays and a 120v circuit to open/close a set of TV monitors for my church. It's a very simple reversing circuit via the relays means a switch is turned "ON" to open the monitors and "OFF" closes them. (the 120v system was necessary because of...
  4. sino007

    Calculating the value of the resistance for controlling the speed of AC fan

    i have a single phase ac fan that i would like to control its speed i am a bit new in this field so please bear with me i had the idea of fixing 3 speeds with 3 switches one for each speed: (25% 50% 90%), and 3 relays each switch activates a relay and each relay wired in series with a...
  5. Clarkdale44

    How to make an electric drill run slow?

    Hello Just as the title says I have an electric drill 110v/220v. I want to make it run slow. Thing is when I bought this drill few months ago I didn't knew much about it. I just bought the one with more watts as the guy at store suggested. Now I found that drilling through metal requires slow...
  6. Clarkdale44

    A question about ESC (electronic speed control)

    Hello I am basically new to all this... ESC stuff.. Thing is i have couple of old hdd's and dvd drive's motors lying around. I need to drive these motors for DIY projects. So i researched a bit on them and found out that i need some sort of ESC to drive these BLDC motors and Servo controller...

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