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  1. C

    I have to design an audio preamplifier as a project, need help with OrCad simulation

    I have received an example schematic of how an audio preamplifier should look like. Based on that and a set of data(input voltage(7V), input resistance(60 ohms), output resistance(8 ohms) and amplification(2.1) ) I have to design my own schematic(which shouldn't be a lot different at the end of...
  2. sr13579

    What is the meaning of this Wave output?

    Hello Friends! I have generated a similation of 2x4 decoder. Everything was fine but I don't know how to read the output of [0:3] d. Means I don't know how to read the output of the decoder. It seems it is changing the voltage while I am changing the input. But I don't know how to read the...
  3. sr13579

    How to get schematic design from NGSPICE?

    I recently started to use NGSPICE. I can make simulations from code. But it would be great if I could use something that can give me a schematic design. I am using a linux distro on android(using userland). So I can't use any heavy applications. How can I get schematic from .cir or .ckt file easily?
  4. electrolives

    LTSpice error: "DC Sweep: Source 'Vcc' was not found."

    Is there anyone can help me about that how can I put Vcc on the simulation? Thanks
  5. J

    UC3846: Simulation in LTSPICE is not operating as expected

    Good afternoon, As the thread title suggests, I am having trouble simulating the UC3846 model in LTSPICE. I have gone through the process of creating the chip and adding it to the simulation space, but when configured in a similar way to the "Typical Application Diagram" from the data sheet it...
  6. mading2018

    Temperature with heatsinkcalculator software

    Hello :happy:, I have in the recent days tried to simulate the temperatures levels in a charger (AC/DC-module) in a Heatsinkcalculator software: https://www.heatsinkcalculator.com/version-2-1/demo-calculator.html Based on the power losses calculations for half-bridge, where we have two MOSFETs...
  7. J

    Electric defects simulation program/sofftware

    Good afternoon to everyone. I am researching about electrical protections in the industry and I was wondering if anyone knows any program to simulate the defects that affect electrical systems. Thanks in advance
  8. mading2018

    Lithium battery for a PHEV?

    Hello, I trying to find a equivalent battery model for a PHEV (plug-in-electric vehicle) and simulate the charing process in LTspice. I want the battery to have SOC=0, an empty battery from the begining, and starts to charge between the charging range of 320-380 V. I know the battery should...
  9. sr13579

    How am I supposed to get a plot from this code on WeSpice(NGspice) engine?

    There is the code ’npn transistor vbias 3 0 dc 5v vs 1 0 dc 0v rb 1 2 20k rc 3 4 2k q 4 2 0 mynpn .model mynpn npn (BF=175 IS=1e-17 VA=75 BR=2) .dc vs 0 5 0.5 .plot dc v(3) -i(vbias) .end ’ But the output is showing a negative going down. How to get the graph of the plot with this app called...
  10. sr13579

    Help me understand what is happening with my NGSPICE coding..

    The thing is, I am confused with rawfile and .print card (spice.out file). There are like 3 options for rawfile generation: NONE,COMPACT and ACCURATE. While I am using NONE with the .print card the result is going inside a .out file without generating a rawfile. But when I am using ACCURATE or...
  11. sr13579

    Can't get a print of voltages between nodes from this SPICE (NGSPICE) simulator.

    The code is here, Diode Voltage Drop r1 1 2 10k r2 2 3 5k r3 3 4 4k r4 4 0 3k vin 1 0 dc 10 .print dc v(3,2) .end As you can see I am trying to get a voltage drop between node 3 aand 2. But the print function is not working properly. It is just showing the usual outputs of( the ouput is...
  12. A

    md5 in verilog

    hello guys, I am new to this forum . I am implementing md5 in Verilog. I am almost done with it somehow but still stuck half in a way.. can someone can help me in finding the bug in the rtl. I have referred pancham md5 source code for it and have modified a little bit as per my application...
  13. tomizett

    Post-Processor for LTspice

    Hi All, Recently wrote this little script for Octave/Matlab and thought I'd share it here in case it is of any use. I had a look to see if there was a native way to extract the data I wanted (or if someone had already writen a post-processor) but couldn't find anything. If another (better) way...
  14. mee95

    6 member voting projects

    Hi everyone! Im wondering if someone can help me with something. Namely, i should make a project depicting a simulation of 6 members voting for a choice (one of them is the president and his vote counts as two if voting turns out even). Im going to upload a pdf file of what i did already so i...

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