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  1. M

    How to read hex code from Renesas controller

    Hello, I have use Renesas microcontroller UPD78F0891A how to read hex code from Renesas UPD78F0891a
  2. R

    Issue with Sensorless BLDC motor using microcontroller

    Hello guys, I am in big trouble with sensorless BLDC motor project. I am trying to achieve the control of sensorless BLDC motor using microcontroller. I am using renesas microcontroller. I am able to run the motor but not getting first start. I am trying by sequence changing with particular...
  3. Z

    Question about how Renesas Synergy handles updates

    So, I got the starter kit for the new Renesas Synergy S7 and I've been messing around with it for awhile. Overall it's been okay even though I've had some questions. But, I was working through the application note for GUIX and the application note is now out of date with the updates that...
  4. C

    MCU temperature sensors

    Hello, Generally speaking in regards to MCUs: can the on-board temperature sensor be used for air temperature monitoring, or is the temp sensor a die temp, or does it depend on the specific MCU? My question is related to any MCUs that have on-board temp sensors, but specifically i'm using...
  5. C

    r_sci_uart_cfg.h not found error with SCI UART

    Hello, Using starter kit SK-S7G2 (from Renesas) I'm designing a program based on SCI UART, but when building i get an error: r_sci_uart_cfg.h not found. Has anyone observed this error and/or have a recommendation/solution? Thank You, -Calvin
  6. Z

    Missing File in the Floodgate Security Framework VSA - Renesas Synergy

    I'm not even sure if this is a good question for the ARM forum, but since the Renesas Synergy line is ARM based, this is where I'm going to stick it. I was trying out one of the VSAs (an add-on verified by Renesas), the Floodgate Security Framework, on my SK-S7G2 and while it all worked, I was...
  7. C

    MCU voltage mis-match to LCD

    Hello, Regarding Renesas part number R5F100LEAFB#V0: I have its data lines and control lines tied to an LCD (operating at 5V). The R5F100LEAFB#V0 has EVDD at 3.3 V. Will the R5F100LEAFB#V0 be damaged due to the voltage mis-match to the LCD (3.3V vs. 5V)? Thanks, Calvin
  8. Z

    Synergy GUIX Stack Size requirement

    Using the SK-S7 Synergy kit from Renesas, I was working on the ThreadX GUIX example. In the application note that Renesas provides, it tells me to increase the stack size from 1024 to 2048. Why would I need to do that? I thought it was preferable to keep the stack size as small as reasonably...
  9. C

    Renesas Synergy DK-S7G2 camera module

    Hello, I'm using the Renesas Synergy dev kit DK-S7G2 and would like to use the included camera module. Has anyone here used this dev kit with the camera? Know of any tutorials/source code for driving images from camera to an external display?
  10. C

    modifiable production-ready software for Renesas Synergy products?

    Hello, Regarding Renesas Synergy platform/products: does anyone know if the production-ready software is easily modifiable for specific products? I'm new to this particular platform; I'm using the S7 Starter kit. Thanks
  11. C

    open source code available for renesas synergy platform

    Hello, I'm looking for open source code for the Renesas Synergy platform. I've looked at both sourceforge and gitbub. Does anyone have other suggestions? Thanks!
  12. C

    How are I/O drive strengths set in Renesas Synergy?

    How are the I/O drive strengths set in Renesas Synergy?
  13. Z

    Error in final launch sequence - Renesas S7 Starter Kit

    I've been working with the S7 Starter kit from Renesas for awhile, getting familiar with it. I haven't had any problems debugging before but now, for some reason, I'm getting an "Error in final launch sequence" error when I launch the debug session. It doesn't seem to be a problem with the code...
  14. C

    Available code flash space on S1 series of Renesas Synergy?

    Hello, I'm evaluating the Renesas Synergy platform. Does anyone know the available code flash space on the S1 series (ultra low power)? Thx!

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