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  1. J

    Need a favor from someone with licensed Proteus 8

    Hello all, I would like to kindly ask for a big favor. I am a school leaver in vocational school of electronics and have an assignment to build a traffic light simulation in Proteus 8 with PIC16F84A. I already did that but our teacher wants us to use cracked Proteus 8 which I don't want to do. I...
  2. R

    Proteus Oscilloscope

    Hello Probes you connect to Oscilloscope channels have a ground clip too but in the proteus the oscilloscope channels don't have such thing and as you can see in this circuit i want to see the signal wave for C1 , like C2, but with this wiring channel A shows the input Signal, so what should i...
  3. T

    Setting power properties to a three phase voltage source in Proteus

    I am carrying out a simulation in Proteus where I need a three phase voltage source with a predetermined power. I would like yo know if it is posible to set it and if it is how to do it. Thanks in avance.
  4. mee95

    6 member voting projects

    Hi everyone! Im wondering if someone can help me with something. Namely, i should make a project depicting a simulation of 6 members voting for a choice (one of them is the president and his vote counts as two if voting turns out even). Im going to upload a pdf file of what i did already so i...

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