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  1. 1

    Arduino AC phase control

    Hi, I have uploaded on my Arduino Uno the attached code, and I am facing the following issue: If the temperature is set to max (about 18mV on the Thermocouple) then if I rotate the pot to minimum temperature, the voltage on the TC starts to reduce, until it reach about 17mV. Then it goes very...
  2. F

    PID? - adding heat to create constant temp water flow

    My sister lives on a dairy farm. They want to heat milk in a plate heat exchanger using hor water at a steady 96 deg C. This needs to be +/- 0.25 deg C. It seems your average supplier expects a supply of steam to heat a water circuit, injecting either on a pulse or proportional basis. It...
  3. M

    Agile actuator challenge

    Dear all, I have faced a challenging problem that may be interesting for those who are in agile/precise control. Realizing an actuation system for the following application, I appreciate any help/feedback: A 0.5 kg load needs to be moved up and down between positions A and B. The (vertical)...
  4. Overclocked

    Understanding PID control

    Hi, I am trying to understand how PID works by implementing it with PWM function that controls a heater. Nothing written down yet, just trying to understand it. So I have some sensor, an input variable, I think most of the time its called PV. My set temp would be SV (set variable Im assuming)...

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