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  1. C

    Homemade Lithium ion battery bank questions

    Hello all, I'm new here. I'm seeking knowledge and advice about a Lithium ion battery bank that I made. I got these batteries from work out of a device that we replaced the batteries on. It is a somewhat proprietary battery as it is made specifically for this device and not open to the general...
  2. Backgammon Player

    Advertisement to sell bottled water by illuminating a 12-pack of 600ml (20oz) water bottles

    Hello everybody! I own a little beverage store and as an advertisement I hung a 12-pack (4X3 bottles) of emptied PET water bottles with a price tag (above the water pack) from my fence on a rod near the road. It moves a bit in the wind and gained some attention. To make it more attractive I'd...

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