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  1. T


  2. A

    24 V to 12 V with up to 30 Amp converter

    Dear all I've 24V baterry want to step down to 12 V for my car audio system. I've try to using LM7812 connected to 6 TIP3055 (in paralel) by add 0.47 ohm at their emittor. This circuit working but i've got overheat in the TIP3055 (even after adding alumunium and fan cooler). It's happened when...
  3. Ginger FerrroChrome

    Newbie trying to replace a transistor (Pioneer 1203 31, Q409)

    Hello! 'Name's Forrest! Or Ginger, whatever you prefer. So, I'm pretty new at electronics repair, I've replaced a couple of laptop modules and put new belts on all of my cassette players, but I'm just now, for the first time, trying to soldier a component on a PCB (ironically I broke it trying...
  4. R

    Newbie trying to understand a circuit

    Hello. I am an electronics beginner. I would like to understand a circuit that is in a book from the 1980s entitled "Computer Controlled Robots", published by Usborne. May I ask here? 1. The book does not specify the exact model of relay to be used, merely that it should be within certain...
  5. R

    Help! Step down dc without regulating amps?

    First off I'm totally new to the electrical scene and only know what I've learned online and hands on. Which can be a bad thing if your listening to the wrong person. So here it is : My Problem : I am using an 18 volt dc lithium drill battery to power led lights and a car horn on a project. The...
  6. B

    220v to 12 V for a big load winch

    Hi everybody, I am not only new here but have little to no clue about electrics/electronics, but a question, where I am hoping to get some ideas/answers. I have purchased a winch enabling me to pull our boat on a trailer in and out of the water on a ramp. The winch requires 12V and I would like...
  7. Ajith Gopi

    Close circuit on click

    I'm new to electronics and I wanna make a circuit that will start continues connection to another circuit on pulse. In long, If the current circuit gets a pulse, an led (suppose) will glow and will not turn off until the battery is disconnected. I'm planning to make a laser-ldr alarm and don't...

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