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  1. A

    Sources of noise in analog to digital conversion and digital to analog conversion

    Hi guys. I'm a computer science engineer with almost no knowledge of electronic engineering. I am trying to make a guitar pedal of sorts. It would take an analog in from the guitar convert it to a digital signal, process it and give an analog out to the amplifier. Does it seem a like a...
  2. mastro14720

    LED VU meter

    Hi everyone, I am wanting to build a project that uses LEDs to "dance" or react to music. Here is a YouTube video of what I'm aiming for. The IC I want to use for this is the LM3914. I've tested the chip using a potentiometer as a voltage divider (for the signal source) and it worked great...
  3. Hackpenguin

    A simple 2 key piano

    Here's a simple 2 key piano. It uses a 6v buzzer. Its very simple, the plan was to not use chips or anything that could be hard for soldering. It uses 2 switches that I got from walmart, I then went to SRA Electronics and got a buzzer. It works great, it uses a LED to drop the voltage so it can...
  4. E

    I made a plasma speaker with an arduino and a flyback transformer today

    Here's a video of it in operation. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out :)
  5. S


    John Potter and I briefly discussed headphones in a private message (PM) but I thought it would be a good topic for open discussion. In general, there are two broad types of headphones: traditional headphones and earbuds, earbuds having become more and more popular because of their convenience...
  6. W

    Noisy neighbours, replacing music with CB radio and linear amp

    I have neighbours from hell with music heard in the street 50 meters down the road, the authorities do nothing so I thought natural law and technology would help. Other forums give solutions, but miss full instruction, so I thought I would find technical forums and ask qualified people for there...
  7. AndrianStoychev

    Sound Reactive LEDs in portable speaker

    Hi guys im really new to electronics I have some very basic knowledge , I am good at making soldering a schematic but almost no idea what does what and why. Im a DIY fan and love doing some small projects (sound related mostly)like a "Car stereo 2.1 home audio system powered by a PC PSU " and my...

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