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  1. S

    Help needed in modifying circuit.

    Hi all, Newbie here as i'm just getting back into electronics and looking for some guidance in modifying an existing off the shelf circuit. The circuit is an Electronic wheel of Fortune link: https://www.kemo-electronic.de/en/Hobby-School/B239-Electronic-wheel-of-fortune.php What i'm trying...
  2. sr13579

    How to add Next and Previous Button with Android's headset/earphones?

    I tried to figure out how to add different functionality with headset controller. So far I found how to make signals for volume up and down and play/pause. Now I want to add two switch which can do the next and previous operations. How am I supposed to do that?
  3. N

    portable pa hack gone wrong!

    hello, i recently bought a pretty good portable pa to use busking and to do cafe restaurant gigging. the product i am speaking of is a nano lucas 300 which i bought it for a really good price on a french version of craigslists. my plan from the beginning was to mod it to work on a...
  4. J

    How to modify a toroidal transformer windings?

    I have a toroidal transformer which has one input of 220 Volts AC, and 2 secondary outputs of 40 volts AC each one. I want to modify it to have two 220 volts outputs instead the two 40 volts outputs that it has at the moment. I would assume that it's a very easy task and I have just to modify...

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