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  1. J

    decreasing wave frequency with sbl-1 mixer

    I used sbl-1 mixer for decreasing signal frequency from 3.174 MHz to 10 kHz. The generated signal has high noise level. The butterworth and sallen-key filter was used to eliminate noise, nevertheless there is the noise. There is also the possibility of sending images of the circuit. How can i...
  2. FoldingTime

    Mixer created harmonics please

    I know some things about electronics but not enough for this, could you help me with choosing a mixer configuration for this task? I want a broad spectrum frequency signal using a mixer feedback loop I know that mixers are non-linear and give f1 + f2 and |f1- f2|. And other forms such as 2f1 +...
  3. Plento

    Going to build this from the learning page

    Hello! has anyone seen this before? http://www.learningelectronics.net/circuits/4-channel-portable-audio-mixer.html Looks like a really cool project and I was wondering if anyone has seen/ built it before. If so, I could defiantly use some tips/ pointers. Sorry if this thread is off topic or not...

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