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  1. N

    Microcontroller interfacing with NAND flash memory

    Hello, I am working with TOSHIBAs NAND flash memory. I am using standard SPI protocol to communicate with it. The datasheet is in the link below. I am trying to understand and solve two problems: 1. I do not understand what exactly is the column address of a NAND flash memory. On page 4 of the...
  2. P

    Error checking codes in ECC

    What is a single bit error event and non-corrected error event? And How is it implemented in ECC?
  3. Mike0rr

    Need help with storing some data onto Register.

    Once again, I'm stuck on a (likely) not so complex issue but I lack the proper vocabulary to find the answer quickly on Google. Long story short, I've made a calculator using two, 4-Bit BCD Full adders. The part that this post concerns is in between the Input (0-9 Keypad and Decoder) and the BCD...
  4. D

    How can I measure execution time and memory usage of C implemented libraries?

    Hello. I have the task of evaluate functions of C implemented libraries that will run on embedded systems. Those libraries are implemented in .h files and then included in implementations. I was given a FFT library implemented in C that was meant to run on Arduino. In the readme file of the...

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