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  1. R

    Arduino gps speedometer

    Hello, I would like to build a battery powered arduino gps speedometer. In this arduino based project I would like to include a few features. -I would like it to turn on some lights when It detects that the speed is going down (if the speedometer is going at 10km per hour and slowing down I...
  2. M

    solid GPS module for interfacing with ELB-REV4

    Hello everybody we are doing a Automotive project. and we are looking for a GPS chipset which provides us 95% accurate data. so that we can interface GPS device with with either SPI or UART of ELB-REV4 hardware. we already have a EC25-E modem in the ELB-REV4 which supports GPS data but this...
  3. A

    UART Communication between GSM and GPS

    UART Communication between GSM and GPS I want to establish a UART Communication between GSM and GPS. The Supply Voltage of GPS is 3.3V. The Supply Voltage of GSM is 3.8V. The measured RX/TX Voltage Levels of GPS is 2.8V and 0V (for logic High and logic Low). The measured RX/TX Voltage Levels...
  4. M

    Ideas to detect when someone is trying to detach an object firmly attached?

    I'm designing a tracker for assets. I want your suggestions to implement into the circuit a method to detect when someone is trying to remove the tracker. I was thinking of surrounding the board with touch pads all around the edges of the board but I guess that would be very sensitive to noise...
  5. Michael Smith

    Need help designing a PCB smaller than this one

    I have a PCB made by the electric engineer but we need to make it smaller, maybe stacked? i have seen other GPS simcard designs Stacked, we have no experience designing PCB, maybe you guys can help us make a smaller design keeping all the components. Thanks in advance for any help

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