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electronics ideas

  1. Alex_bam

    Understanding two Multivibrator models

    Hello, I simulated the two multivibrator models in CMOS technology using the cadence tool. I was expecting the model 2 with Schmitt trigger(ST) will show robustness in PVT (Process Voltage temperature) analysis as compared to model 1 due to ST. But this was not the case both the Models shows the...
  2. I

    Is it possible to model a photodiode PIN InGasAS, in accord with datasheet, in simulator SPICE MicroCAP12?

    I want to know if it is possible to model a photodiode InGasAs panchromatic PIN , in accord with datasheet, in simulator SPICE MicroCAP 12.Because the supllier where I boughit it has not a SPICE model.And if it is possible, which are those steps. Here it is data-sheet...
  3. D

    Small projects ideas needed ASAP

    Hi there So I've got this problem. I'm an electronics student and I have this kind of project for school where I have to find someplace to help people. Nonetheless I have found one where I can help poor teens and young adults to understand how electronics and electricity works. Now, the problem...
  4. S

    DC link capacitor values calculation in a 2 leg inverter

    Dear All, I would like to know the formula to calculate the capacitance for two capacitors whose midpoint is connected to a third phase of brushless dc motor (For simplification one can consider "series RL" load connected in WYE or DELTA fashion). Overall its about driving a 3 phase motor with 4...
  5. S

    Wall hidden pressure sensors for home security

    Hi, I am thinking of designing a total home security system which can produce alert sirens, lock the doors automatically, send sms to owner's mobile and call #100 for police assistance. My idea is to design > A pressure sensor (parent sensor) microchip which can be pre-set to a warning pressure...

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