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dc motor

  1. M

    Reaction Wheel with a DC motor

    hello there i'm new to the forum and i'm here for a project i'm doing. u've probably seen some reverse pendulum or small bicycle with Reaction Wheel which can stay balanced. here is a pic of what i mean: rn, i'm trying to choose a DC motor for driving the reaction wheel, i've used matlab...
  2. I

    Best way to reverse a DC motor

    Hi all, I am participating in a design challenge where the aim is to build a repeatable vehicle. The vehicle must be fully automated once it has been turned on. The vehicle is also small, being no more than 400x400x400mm. One main section of the brief is that the vehicle must travel to a wall...
  3. P

    dc motor in ltspice/multisim

    hello. this (see first photo) is an h-bridge project on proteus. will be simulating it as well on ltspice/multisim but i cant seem to find the dc motor component. is this (2nd photo) the alternative dc motor model for it? kindly dont mind the values. im still learning the software so any...
  4. T

    Encoder and Motor working independently, but not together.

    Hi, I have motor, motor control board and optical encoder being operated through a myRIO. I have the encoder configured to read in RPM on LabVIEW and I am using a digital potentiometer to change the speed of the motor through the PC. My problem is that the motor will work as normal when the...
  5. N

    Help in Identifying 3v DC Motor

    Hi all, I'll start off by apologizing for my lack of knowledge on the subject of electronics but I need your help. I am looking for a replacement DC motor that came out of a miniature face massager. Upon inspection of the motor, I could not find any specifications on it in order to buy the...
  6. A

    SSR H-bridge motor control

    Good afternoon, I have little knowledge in electronics but I'm posting on behalf of my teammate. We have been given the task to design and build an electric wheelchair to satisfy a brief for a competition we are in. We have to build everything from scratch in a limited time window so everything...
  7. C

    Homemade Multi Drill

    Hi, I'm thinking of making a multi drill for wood drilling, that uses anywhere from 6 to 9 9V or 12V DC motors. These motors would be wired in parallel, with one battery source. I'd mount a drill chuck on each of the motors shafts for a drill bit. Now, I need a little bit of help from you. Do...
  8. giovannithex

    IC555 - control pin

    Hello everyone. I'm wondering if (how) could i make it possible; I have simple circuit from two parts: one stands as PWM oscilator (555 timer) and that timer drives the transistor (npn, let us forget about efficiency for now) On the CE line of transistor i have connected a DC motor of which...
  9. C

    Converting 24vdc PWM to logic level for motor driver

    Hi, I have a PLC that I'm trying to send a PWM signal out to a DC motor driver for varying speed. My PLC output signal is 24VDC sinking type and I vary the duty cycle from 0-100% over a pre-selected set frequency. I can connect a small DC motor directly and control speed nicely. But I have...
  10. F

    Running multiple 12v motors of one PWN controller (help required)

    Hi there, First off a bit of background, this is part of a university project where I want to control the flow of water from a reservoir into 12 small tanks (the flow going into each of the 12 tanks needs to be the same, roughly 30ml/min). My way of achieving this is to use 12 peristaltic...
  11. N

    Powered wheelchair motor. How to make it run?

    I have two 24V dc motors used in powered wheelchair. Not sure how to do connections to it. Please help. I have attached few pics of the motor and its extension. This is a part of a project to redesign a powered wheelchair. To start with the project I need to check, what all components work. For...

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