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  1. L

    AOZ1280CI Buck Regulator Issues

    Hello everyone, I have attached a snip image of a design I am using and have been using for almost a year and a half now... Here is the story on the board. (Jump down to circuit explanation if you want) Last year, I made a few hundred using the MP2357 regulator, but since it went out of...
  2. R

    Buck-boost and half-empty batteries?

    Hello, :-) I still got piles of half-empty zinc-carbon batteries. My idea was to connect a few of them together and then use a buck-boost converter to power clocks, thermometers and other "small stuff". I've been reading up on various information regarding this. The essence: There can be...
  3. V

    Value to simulate igbt and diode in ltspice from datasheet

    I have igbt and diode data sheet used for inverter and rectifier circuit design. i need simulate inverter in ltspice using the voltage controlled switch component. How obtain to these values from the igbt/diode data sheet datasheet is attached here Name Description Units Ron Resistance in...
  4. M

    DC 120V converter circuit

    I have many strings of LED Christmas lights, but they flicker on 120 VAC. If I could feed them 120 VDC, that would solve the problem. Simple bridge/filter circuits produce 170 VDC, wchi will burn out the lights pretty quickly. I've come across a few circuits that seemed unnecessarily complex...
  5. electrolives

    Electric Solar Converter

    I want to understand what is the reason for this circuit and each part of it? Can you explain this?
  6. Q

    16f877a gettin string from uart and need to convert them through ascii[SOLVED]

    hello everyone; im going to build a code file for my pic16f877a but i stacked and i need some help :) im want to build a code for get ascii via uart from pc. for example; im want to read a string from pc which is like "Q45" and then i want to convert it to ascii codes[example:Q-->81 , 4-->52 ...
  7. S

    I want to trade - new hobbyist

    I've been gathering electronics from CRT's to computer modems, to LCD displays, wifi extenders and much more. I'd like to mail products I have to people who have junk stuff lying around such as, the cheap open circuit boards that serve purposes and to anyone who can give me a schematic to build...
  8. RobertaME

    24vdc to 12vdc converter

    So normally I can solve most electronics problems on my own, but this one has me puzzled and I created this account to see if anyone else has some thoughts. I have a 24-26vdc power source that checks for short circuits on the load line before applying full power by using a 3vdc testing voltage...
  9. O

    need help badly with a forward converter

    I need help with the design of a 12v-24v forward converter, i need to be shown the maths for working out the output inductor and capacitor values and the turns ratio of the transformer (which i think ive worked out) please help. dissertation work
  10. mading2018

    Change the frequency in LT1249?

    Hello, What I understand it is possible to change the frequency externally by changing the components parameters, but I am not sure what to do to adjust the frequency. Can maybe someone show me how it will be implemented in the demo circuit? According to the data sheet, it says that "The...
  11. mading2018

    AC/DC converter + Totem-Pole

    Hello, I used the LT8312 PFC controller to controlling the switches, but somehow the switches seems not to operating in the bridge, only the diodes. Do anyone know what could be the problem why the switches do not operate? And how do I change the switching frequency to 150 kHz? I think that I...
  12. mading2018

    EMI Filters for converters

    Do anyone how to draw typical EMI filters in LTspice? I have read in different articles on the internet, and it seems they differ in design time to time. I have attached my file so you can see how it looks like. I am suppose to have another filter my DC/DC converter as well.
  13. mading2018

    Half-bridge DC/DC converter

    I am trying to simulate a half-bridge DC/DC converter, and I would like to increase the output voltage to at least 320 V. Do you have some suggestion on how to do that?
  14. mading2018

    DC/DC converter - change the output current?

    I think the output current I get from the DC/DC converter is way too low, it should be at least 6-8 A, not in mA that I got. I think the resistor that I have in the end of the converter is needed in order to obtain 400 V. Do anyone have any suggestion what could be the problem? I found a...
  15. mading2018

    Implement PFC controller properly to AC/DC converter

    I am trying to implement a PFC controller to AC/DC converter stage, but I have some problems to get the current feedback correctly so the output is more steady state. Also, the waveform have transients in the beginning, it is possible to reduce these transients? I have connected a transistor...
  16. Gabriel Sá Pinto

    Measuring DC/DC Isolation Capacitance

    Hi there, I'm working on an EMC Control Plan for a product in my company and I'm trying to simplify all the testing processes as we're doing them in house. So there's one EMC that states the following: "Secondary power supplies generated by the equipment’s internal DC/DC converter shall respect...
  17. ElectronsFlow

    Constant current circuit for buck converter

    Hi and thanks for viewing! In the past I've used a few buck converters off ebay. So far they've done me well, but I'd prefer to have the ability to build my own. That way I'm in control of the quality of components used. I was planning on using the LM2678T-AJT as the heart of my buck converter...
  18. P

    Buck converter not working as it should

    Hello everyone. I am doing a project in which I use a buck converter to convert high vtg to low vtg. Actually the input to the buck converter is from a solar panel which puts out 560 mA constant current and 34 V. And output is a 12V lead acid battery. The N- Channel mosfet is used at high side...

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