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  1. M

    Problem with generation of triangular wave

    Hi! I am working with comparator (In LTspice). I have to compare a sine wave and a triangular wave. The triangular wave should be at 2kHz frequency. So this should be the configuration for triangular wave: However, the results show that it is not a 2kHz frequency:- Last time I checked...
  2. tsalapatas

    Multisim 74LS85 problem

    HI all i am new to this site but i am doing my thesis and i have a serious problem and however i push my brain i cant find a solution.so i am building a circuit in multisim that get the sides of triangles and sqaures and then find the are in cm.i am using as my teacherr adviced me some...
  3. W

    DeltaT circuit using 10K thermistors to output 2-10vdc control voltage

    I need some help with a simple circuit - I want to convert the difference between 2 resistors (actually 10K thermistors) into a linear 2-10 vdc voltage output. If the resistances are the same, the output voltage is low, the greater the difference the higher the output voltage up to 10vdc. I am...

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