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  1. E

    PSU(Meanwell IRM-01-5) protection

    Hello guys! Since i am new here first I would like to apologize if i did draw this schematic wrong(i.e. lines do cross, etc.).It is a few days that i am using this online editor so i am still in the learning process and need to gain a bit more expirience. I created followed circuit:555 timer...
  2. C

    AC Integrator with Square Wave Input

    Hi guys, I am currently working with an AC Integrator and have a square wave as my input while my output is a triangular wave. I am confused why the triangular wave has a decreasing slope when the square wave is at +4V. I believe it has something to do with the area under the square wave...
  3. mading2018

    How many filters do I need for a battery charger?

    Hello again, I have some concerns about how many EMI-filters that I should use for my AC/DC charger? My charger is operating as a low-power charing (950 W). I have read in in different articles, that some charger have only one input filter, and in some other cases they also have a output...
  4. mading2018

    Output current from MOSFETS (bridge) before trafo?

    I having a concern about the what kind of current that I have after the MOSFETs (in the transistor bridge) before transformer. Before the MOSFETS I have a DC current from an AC/DC converter stage. So I am a bit confused if the current before the transformer is average, peak-to-peak or RMS...
  5. mading2018

    AC/DC converter + Totem-Pole

    Hello, I used the LT8312 PFC controller to controlling the switches, but somehow the switches seems not to operating in the bridge, only the diodes. Do anyone know what could be the problem why the switches do not operate? And how do I change the switching frequency to 150 kHz? I think that I...
  6. mading2018

    EMI Filters for converters

    Do anyone how to draw typical EMI filters in LTspice? I have read in different articles on the internet, and it seems they differ in design time to time. I have attached my file so you can see how it looks like. I am suppose to have another filter my DC/DC converter as well.

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