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'Hello World' Code For dsPIC30F2020 2012-01-07

Since there seems to be very little "simple" code for the dsPIC; here is a "Hello World" example for the dsPIC30F2020 for any who may be interested:

/* This is a "Hello world" example for the dsPIC30F2020. It will toggle all
*  IO pins on the chip at a rate which is visible from a LED connected to
*  one of the IO pins. It uses the slow internal oscillator so all that is 
*  needed is a 10K pullup resistor on MCLR (pin 1 on a 28 pin DIP chip) and
*  power connected to ALL Vdd, Vss, AVdd, and AVss pins. Don't forget to
*  put some 0.1uF bypass capacitors across the power pins close to the PIC.

#include <p30f2020.h>

_FOSC(CSW_FSCM_OFF & FRC_LO_RANGE & OSC2_IO); //Oscillator Configuration
_FOSCSEL(FRC);                                //Oscillator Selection
_FWDT(FWDTEN_OFF);                            //Turn off WatchDog Timer
_FGS(CODE_PROT_OFF);                          //Turn off code protect
_FPOR( PWRT_OFF );                            //Turn off power up timer

int main(void)
	unsigned long x;

	ADPCFG = 0xffff;	//make ADC pins all digital
	TRISA = 0;		//Make all PORTs all outputs
	TRISB = 0;
	TRISD = 0;
	TRISE = 0;
	TRISF = 0;

		for( x=0; x<100000; x++){;} //Delay apx 200ms
		LATA = ~LATA;		    //Toggle all bits on ALL ports
	return 0;
Edit: The compiler used was MicroChip's C30 student edition which is available for free on their site.
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