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Automatic Street Lighting System 2013-01-24

The driving theme behind the Automatic Street Lighting System is an energy-saving streetlight scheme, where the system would continue to provide the most optimum lighting level for the city streets with up-to-date technology and benefits for the city residents throughout its lifetime.
In addition to reducing energy consumption and costs, decreasing carbon emissions is an important factor in choosing the street lighting system. According to some European studies, one 500 W street lamp left burning for 7 hours during the night can produce up to 2 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year - enough to fill 5 double-decker buses.
At the same time, the street lighting scheme needed to provide safe driving conditions for traffic as well as offer lighting to prevent crime in the neighborhoods. Energy savings combined with reduced maintenance costs are prime benefits of street light control and management.
The present design proposes an Automatic Street Light controller that handles a segment of a street with a number of lamps.
The Automatic Street Light controller delivers light based upon real-time conditions such as the ambient lighting condition and traffic flow and density. A power save mode is provided by reducing the intensity to 50% of the full level during when there is no traffic flow.

Main Features:

• Intensity control of lights based on ambient lighting and traffics density.
• A power save mode of 50% of the full level during no traffic.
• Replaces manual operations and inspections of street light system.
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