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ZDS II zilog Z8 encore flash micro C compiler

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Hi All,
Before ordering the zilog Z8F development kit which includes the C compiler ZDS II, I would like to evaluate it, Is anyone here able to provide me an address where I could download the ZDS II compiler for evaluation ?
Also you can email it to me ...
Thanks for your time


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z8 encore development kit contains z8 encore evaluation board, target interface module board, a serial cable, a 9vdc universal power supply and software documentation CD and quick start guide. the CD contains ZDS II z8 encore IDE with ANSI C compiler, sample codes and device driver software. for more info, http://www.zilog.com.


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zilog evaluation board is cheap, come along with C compiler, programmer
Previously, my company bought it for just around...USD15


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I have used both the 8k and 64k versions of their dev kits. Both are great. I attended one of their training workshops which I found to be beneficial. I also received an additional 64k dev board similary to the 8k board. The previous 64k board has a ton of peripheral stuff you might never use. The new 64k dev board is smaller (size of the 8k board) and has fewer on-board components.

See my comments about their workshop here: http://www.z8micro.com/forum/index.php?board=1;action=display;threadid=5

The site: http://www.z8micro.com is a site dedicated to the eZ8 Encore! chip. It is mainly a discussion forum but will be expanded later to include educational information and open source designs as well as software...
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