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write a programe for lcd

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girgis adly

New Member
dear all i want to write a program for lcd screen using pic i want to appear in the screen :
(if you want to run the programe press 1
if you want to exit press 2)
how can i write that using micro C
and from where i can get information about that
please help

girgis adly

New Member
thanks for replay

Here's Nigel's tutorial it is very well done.
PIC Tutorial* Three - LCD Modules
You might want to shorte your input commands if your using a 16 character display...
Possibly to just Run press 1 <----13 characters
Exit press 2 <--- 14 characters
i will see this tutorial but i want to ask what the most common type of lcd screen?
and if i can to use the lcd screen to draw the output voltage will appear in the load in the circuit ?


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What chip are you going to use microC has a sample for how to use a LCD This code from MicroC
Look at it I removed the chip set up so you'll have to look at The LCD module to see what pins to use for your LCD Should be easy to get to work.
 * Set the port you want to use for four bit Lcd
 * Test configuration:
     MCU:             PIC16Fxxx //set for your chip
     Oscillator:       xxxx MHz //set for your Oscillator
     Ext. Modules:    LCD 2x16
     SW:              mikroC v6.0
     None.  // this is a redid of microC test code just removed what would mess you up

char *text = "Your text here";

void main() {
  LCD_Init(&PORTD);         // Initialize LCD connected to PORTB

  LCD_Cmd(LCD_CLEAR);       // Clear display
  LCD_Cmd(LCD_CURSOR_OFF);  // Turn cursor off
  LCD_Out(1,1, text);       // Print text to LCD, 2nd row, 1st column
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